What’s in my bag?

1.Moleskine Black Leather Notebook & Pen

I love Moleskine. I have been using Moleskines books since secondary school. Something about using a Moleskine that gives me that comfort. I know, I weird.

2. Kindle

I use it for my everyday commute, the only time I have to read.

K used to buy me books, until my Mom complaint how full my bookshelf has gotten. So he got me a Kindle. ❤ I still read actual books, though.

3. Two Cardholders & Wallet

With the push to being a cashless society, it’s so much more convenient to using a cardholder now. I still keep cash, so that goes into my wallet. But if I ever need to go for a quick errand or lunch, I’ll just bring my cardholder.

4. Juicy Couture Perfume

Favourite Perfume of ALL TIME. Love it when in comes in fun size for those after-lunch moments in

5. Lipstick by Maybelline in shade

I love Maybelline’s Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick Range. In fact, all my lipsticks are from this range. Not that I have that many lipsticks.

I also love it how it’s only 8.99 AUD. I would always get one, or two, whenever I’m there.

6. Lipbalm by Nivea in Watermelon

I honestly feel Nivea has the best lipbalm, hands down. All the better when it’s in my favourite flavour.

7. Innisfree Handcream in July

I hate papercuts. Dry hands = higher chances of getting papercuts. Plus, this cream smells like Victoria Secret Bombshell.

8. Halls Mints in Watermelon Flavour

I have insane fear of having bad breath. Of all the mints out there, this is the freshest mint. Go try them.

9. Keys with Keychain by Smiggle

10. Earpiece

11. Ez-link Card – Special Sanrio Edition

Yes, I love Hello Kitty. No, I’m not obsessed over Hello Kitty. Or any Sanrio characters, for that matter. Not that there’s any wrong with that.

Author: Trixia

Just here , trying to find my place in the world.

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