October Highlights


October – my favourite month of the year.

Because it’s a month to binge and be merry.

  1. My Godmother from Dubai visited us in Singapore. I’ve not seen her in years.
  2. My birthday. K, together with my sister, surprised me with my favourite donuts. *heart eyes*
  3. I Joined the gym. I was gaining the pounds and I needed an outlet to clear my head. Not to mention, K’s been telling me how unfit I am.
  4. Chia Leng & Jas treated me to brunch at Brunches Cafe for my birthday. Love their seafood pasta and tea! Also, Jasmine specially reserved the car seat table for us. ❤
  5. Finally met up with my girl, Amirah!!! I’m a really bad friend – I’ve not seen her in a year. We tried out this Chendol soft serve ice cream from Overrun – so goooood.
  6. Patrick, my brother, treated the birthday girls – my mom, sister and I – to a lunch buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin. Of course, Dad tagged along too. We all ate so much, we couldn’t eat dinner.
  7. Happy Hour with the October girls from work! We tried the Lychee Beer at Starker. Omg so goooood??? If you’re into sweet and light beer, that is.

All in all, it has been a great month, with lots of eating and celebration with friends. So much love. ❤

Also not included is my trip to Aussie to visit K, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Author: Trixia

Just here , trying to find my place in the world.

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