Book Review: Make Your Bed by William McRaven

To start off my series of book reviews, I have chosen one of my top favourite self-help book – Make your Bed by William H. McRaven.

Sometimes the simple act of making your bed can give you the lift you need to start your day and provide you the satisfaction to end it right.

I think the best part of the book is how easy it was to read and how compact it was to bring around. The content is very succint and straight to the point – which you can take the lessons point blank but you can also ponder deeper to it if you want to.

The author, William, elaborate on each lesson with some of his experiences as a US Navy SEAL – including one operation that involved capturing the infamous Osama bin Laden. Although I’m not in the military, he was able to make it relevant for a regular person like me. And whenever I faced certain situations or needed a certain pick-me-up, I can easily turn to read a certain lesson/chapter to get me by.

I read a lesson or two on my morning commute to work. It really helped put my head in the right perspective for the day, which is I find it to be essential, considering how cluttered my mind can be in the morning as I mentally plan and prepare myself for the work I have to do that day.

If you are new to reading self-help books or simply want a light, motivating read to re-adjust yourself, I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 4.5/5 Coffee Cups

The 10 lessons:

  1. Start your day with a task completed
  2. You can’t go it alone
  3. Only the size of your heart matters
  4. Life’s not fair – drive on!
  5. Failure can make your stronger
  6. You must dare greatly
  7. Stand up to the bullies
  8. Rise to the ocassion
  9. Give people hope
  10. Never, ever quit!