There’s some comfort in taking your time to do whatever you feel like doing. You know, to just dilly-dally through the day, or even for just a short amount of time.

I don’t know about you, but at least for me – it’s like I am in this mental space of mine where as I physically work on things while my mind organises its tangled thoughts I accumulated through the day(s). It almost feel like time stood still and I was in this realm of time where I am just being myself, without the need to care about anyone and anything.

I am not sure if this is an introvert thing, but I find times like this to be extremely thrilling and comforting. Because it is my time, my thoughts, my inner peace. I could almost feel my soul recharging.

Like right now – I am organising my wardrobe, packing my luggage, packing my work stuffs, preparing for an event and typing this post. Everything’s half-done and I am just taking my time to get through these tasks, savouring each moment – almost like a Taiji exercise.

But I know all these dilly-dallying is annoying and senseless to some people, like my finacé. He thinks I am wasting my time and being unproductive. Like if I focused enough on the tasks, I would have gotten things done in a much short period of time. But that’s thing – when you are so caught up in life’s frenzy to always be in the rush to get things done, won’t you eventually run out of breath?

It’s good to slow down every once in a while. Let your soul breathe, even just for a moment.

Migraines & Inspirations

This week has been an incredibly painful yet inspiring at the same time.

The weekdays were painful – I had persistent migraines that don’t seem to go away despite medications and meditations. I’m assuming it was because of the stress from work. I was so close to taking another sick day off. But I persisted – only because I took a sick day off last week already. Is it normal to have migraines this long?

Thankfully, the weekend finally came. Although my migraine persisted through, it has been a very happy and inspiring weekend.

As you may or may not know, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. And this weekend, I came across some videos that got me inspired, in some ways. So I thought I’d share them with you.

I love Whitney Simmons. I do watch her videos whenever I needed that extra kick to go to the gym. She’s kinda like my pre-workout. And to be very honest, I have not been working out as regular as I used to be on the weekdays. My health just feels all over the place of late.

Somehow watching that particular video gave me that extra oomph to work harder in the gym, which I did. I usually burn about 300-400 kcal each workout. But this time, I burned 660 and 580 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I have to say, I am so proud of myself. *gives myself a pat on the back*

Also, those were the only times I didn’t had migraines. So I was just so happy and relived.

I found her latest video on my subscription lists, which I didn’t even know I was subscribed to her. But I watched it anyway. And then I watched another one and another one. And I’m still watching more of her videos.

So she apparently moved from Korea to America after college and set herself up in NY all by herself – which I applaud her for doing so. I mean, the courage and independence to do all that all on your own…I wish I was that brave and courageous as her.

And somehow, her videos feel so calming. To me, at least.

I watched this video just about 20 mins ago, which was one of the mains reasons that spurred me to write this post. It was a good and timely reminder for me to slow the heck down. I think my migraines this whole week was like a red, blaring alarm telling me how stressed and unrested I was. Which, unfortunately, I didn’t take that to mind.

So this new week, I shall try to pace myself and take a time-out whenever I needed to. I should also start sleeping and waking up at more regular timings to improve sleep quality. And also, maybe squeeze in a quick run to de-stress myself after a long day at work.

On a side note, I really love his video aesthetics and the way he tells a story. It’s minimal, yet very thought-provoking in some ways.

Have a good week, everyone! 🙂

October Highlights


October – my favourite month of the year.

Because it’s a month to binge and be merry.

  1. My Godmother from Dubai visited us in Singapore. I’ve not seen her in years.
  2. My birthday. K, together with my sister, surprised me with my favourite donuts. *heart eyes*
  3. I Joined the gym. I was gaining the pounds and I needed an outlet to clear my head. Not to mention, K’s been telling me how unfit I am.
  4. Chia Leng & Jas treated me to brunch at Brunches Cafe for my birthday. Love their seafood pasta and tea! Also, Jasmine specially reserved the car seat table for us. ❤
  5. Finally met up with my girl, Amirah!!! I’m a really bad friend – I’ve not seen her in a year. We tried out this Chendol soft serve ice cream from Overrun – so goooood.
  6. Patrick, my brother, treated the birthday girls – my mom, sister and I – to a lunch buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin. Of course, Dad tagged along too. We all ate so much, we couldn’t eat dinner.
  7. Happy Hour with the October girls from work! We tried the Lychee Beer at Starker. Omg so goooood??? If you’re into sweet and light beer, that is.

All in all, it has been a great month, with lots of eating and celebration with friends. So much love. ❤

Also not included is my trip to Aussie to visit K, but I’ll leave that for another post.

What’s in my bag?

1.Moleskine Black Leather Notebook & Pen

I love Moleskine. I have been using Moleskines books since secondary school. Something about using a Moleskine that gives me that comfort. I know, I weird.

2. Kindle

I use it for my everyday commute, the only time I have to read.

K used to buy me books, until my Mom complaint how full my bookshelf has gotten. So he got me a Kindle. ❤ I still read actual books, though.

3. Two Cardholders & Wallet

With the push to being a cashless society, it’s so much more convenient to using a cardholder now. I still keep cash, so that goes into my wallet. But if I ever need to go for a quick errand or lunch, I’ll just bring my cardholder.

4. Juicy Couture Perfume

Favourite Perfume of ALL TIME. Love it when in comes in fun size for those after-lunch moments in

5. Lipstick by Maybelline in shade

I love Maybelline’s Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick Range. In fact, all my lipsticks are from this range. Not that I have that many lipsticks.

I also love it how it’s only 8.99 AUD. I would always get one, or two, whenever I’m there.

6. Lipbalm by Nivea in Watermelon

I honestly feel Nivea has the best lipbalm, hands down. All the better when it’s in my favourite flavour.

7. Innisfree Handcream in July

I hate papercuts. Dry hands = higher chances of getting papercuts. Plus, this cream smells like Victoria Secret Bombshell.

8. Halls Mints in Watermelon Flavour

I have insane fear of having bad breath. Of all the mints out there, this is the freshest mint. Go try them.

9. Keys with Keychain by Smiggle

10. Earpiece

11. Ez-link Card – Special Sanrio Edition

Yes, I love Hello Kitty. No, I’m not obsessed over Hello Kitty. Or any Sanrio characters, for that matter. Not that there’s any wrong with that.

My Top 5 TV Series on Netflix

I love Netflix. However, being in Singapore means shows gets added a little later than the rest of the world. Although I must say recently they are adding on quite a number of content in, so that makes me really happy.

Anyway, here are my top 5 shows that I catch myself re-watching them and I just can’t get enough of it.

  1. Queer Eye

Image result for queer eye

YASSSSSSSSS~ This is the one show that I can’t tell you how many times I have re-watched it.

Actually when it first came out, I had no idea what it was about and almost everyone was talking about it on my Twitter feed (yes, I still have Twitter). But I didn’t really watch it until I was in Australia visiting K and, I had nothing to do when he was out for work and had ran out of shows to watch.

But gurrrrrrl, let me tell you – I can’t stop watching it after that. I was hooked.

So basically this show is about 5 gays, with each having its own specialisation – food, grooming, culture, fashion and interior, transforming the lives of many individuals who just need a little push in life. So yes, it’s sort of like a makeover show. But at the same time, it’s more than that. Somehow the emotions and the topics they touch on in each episodes is so raw and authentic. It’s a makeover show like no other.

My only annoyance is that for such a wholesome show, it’s rated M18 because they are gays. *roll eyes*

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Related image

If you hadn’t watch this or don’t even know about this show *gasps* – where have you been living?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (or B99, for short) is a sitcom that showcases the everyday lives of a particular group of NYPD (New York Police Department) detectives. It’s pure, innocent humour is refreshing and it’s storyline is engaging and not hard to follow. I do find most sitcoms boring actually – usually filled with dry humour and hard-to-follow storylines. Sorry, not my type.

This had to be one of my favourite scene of all time:

Although this scene is from season 5 and it’s not out on Netflix Singapore yet. 😦

3. The Good Place

Related image

The Good Place was recommended to me by my younger sister. And I gotta thank her for that because this show makes me really happy.  I just wish they had longer episodes and more episodes in one season.

The Good Place is about a girl named Eleanor Shellstrop, who died and mistakenly got into heaven a.k.a The Good Place. In Season 1, she goes about her afterlife and trying to not to get caught and get sent to The Bad Place. But my favourite has to be Season 2 because, plot twist.

Image result for the good place gif

I mean, having Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson as the main leads, you know how good this show can be. PLUS, the creator of this show is also the one who created B99. Need I say more?

4. Terrace House: Opening News Doors

I have watched all 3 Terrace House on Netflix but this one has to be my favourite.

Related image

If you don’t know yet, Terrace House is a Japanese reality programme where 6 strangers – 3 guys and 3 girls, live together and see how their lives unravel –  commentated by 6 hilarious celebrities. To be honest, I think their comments made the show so much more entertaining.

Related image
The Commentators

I am not quite sure why I like this one especially. Maybe it’s the purity I see in the interactions between one couple – Tsubasa and Shion, which you won’t see in other Terrace House series. I never thought Tsubasa to be Shion’s type in the first place. But having watched the second time, you could definitely see the sparkle in his eyes from the very first episode. *heart eyes*

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 5.00.48 PM.png

Part 3 of the show have yet to be released. I do hope it’ll come soon!

5. Drop Dead Diva

Image result for drop dead diva

It’s a six-season TV series and was first aired in 2009. I know, this is a really old show and I only knew about it when my colleague was raving it to me.

It’s about a ditzy model who died and when to heaven but then she hit the Return button. Unfortunately, she did not return to her body but to a body of a super smart 30+ year old plus-size lawyer named Jane. The story mainly revolves around how she navigates the life of her new persona – Jane.

At first the plot sounded a little cheesy to me, but I gave it a try anyway. And I’m so glad I did. It’s just one of those feel-good rom-com kinda show but with a little more elaborate storyline, of course. It’s funny, cute and can be quite a tear-jerker at times.

I finished the entire 6 seasons in 2 weeks.


Yes, I know the title says top 5 but I can’t help adding these two in. I really love these two shows too. The only things is that, I have not re-watch them or as much as the top 5. Because you really have to start from the very start to get the flow.

6. The Crown

Image result for the crown

I have always been fascinated by the English Royals and its history. I have watched too many documentaries of them. So of course, I have to watch The Crown. And it’s really different from watching documentaries because you actually watch the story unfold itself, instead of being narrated by some historian. It’s quite refreshing.

Also, would it be weird if I find the best thing of the show to be its opening introduction? Because this is the only show where I have never hit the ‘Skip Intro’ button. I find so much joy in it.

7. Jane the Virgin

Related image

It’s a really quirky show; it parodies Spanish soap operas with a quite a controversial plot. If you watch Spanish soap operas, I think you would enjoy this a little more with the way the story unfolds and it’s narration.  It’s quite a wholesome show actually.