Happy Feelings

We can always find joy in the little things. So here’s a short list of the small and simple things that make me happy.


I never understood why people love running. The feeling of breathlessness, the lactic acid building up in your muscles and how boring it gets after while.

But I do now. Running, especially at top speed, feels as though I’m breaking through the bubble of negativity I’m in and I feel free and uplifted. Also, the sense of accomplishment when you hit a certain mark, be it speed, timing or distance, is always a good thing. Not to mention, the adrenaline rush that comes with it is like a drug.

2. Doodling in my planner

Sometimes I write myself an encouraging note/quote to push me on through the week. Sometimes at the end of a long and arduous week, I’ll write it down to remind myself that even when I felt like giving up, I still managed to survive through. And sometimes, it’s always nice to write down my plans and see some sort of structure in my life, despite the chaotic mess in my head.

3. Sipping a cup of warm coffee

Because warmth literally fills my body up and it feels so cosy. A homemade coffee is always the best.

4. Watching funny baby videos 

Babies are just so full of innocence. How can one not smile when you see a baby, especially they do silly stuffs?

Also, between K and I, 90% of our text messages comprises an exchange of cute and funny baby videos/photos. Talk about baby fever…lol

5. Pause to breathe

You don’t need to do a full-on meditation to relax and be calm. Sometimes, just taking a tiny pause to deeply inhale then exhale is all you need. Almost like a reset of your mind and body.


2019: Be kind to yourself.

Looking back at 2018, I realized that I haven’t been grateful. And in turn, I wasn’t being kind to myself.

I have always wanted to do and build something that I can be proud of.

So in 2018, I was caught up in this frenzy, putting a lot pressure on myself and expecting so much from myself so quickly. And when things did not work out, I ended up derailed and upset at myself for not succeeding. Thinking back, I’ll admit that I was ambitious and probably over-confident.

But at that point – I was blinded by the negatives in my life; I failed to see what I have accomplished. Although the glass was half-glass full, I was obsessed with my failure for not filling the glass full that all I saw was the other half of emptiness. I felt empty.

It then came to a point where my life felt like it was in a black hole. Because I felt so terribly, horribly miserable inside. I honestly have never felt so lost. Another thing that had me feeling so horrible inside was the fact that I have been comparing myself to others and their successes. So that definitely made me felt worse as well.

So, slowly…as I took a pause in life and looked back into the year and reflect, I started to count my blessings.

  • Finally got a permanent job contract after working for a year
  • Got engaged to my favourite person
  • Bought a house with my favourite person
  • Saved enough for our house reno
  • My love ones are happy and healthy
  • I got to travel a lot and experienced new experiences

And when you’re counting blessings, you could go on and on… I finally understood the meaning to be grateful. Because I now know that I have been lucky to have what I have. My heart, mind and soul are now in a right place to do and be better.

The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.  – Dr Robert Holden

So this 2019, I want to focus seeing the glass half-full (rather than half-empty) and just be happy.

Count your blessings and appreciate them everyday.

Take more photos & videos, to remember the happy memories and look back at them during your dark days.

Remember that baby steps are still steps forward.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself